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Even after so many decades in the communications industry, I still love a good story--penning them, telling them, and listening to them. Beyond my writing and editing work, I've also had the joy of getting away from the computer for guest speaking, teaching, and small group facilitation. If you want to dig into your own exodus journey, work with others to learn and write together, or arrange for a guest speaker or small group leader to talk poignantly about life's losses and blessings, let's connect at the email below.

Notebook and Pen

Linda T., attendee, "Writing the Moments
That Matter" Seminar

I just wanted to say a word of appreciation for all that you shared with us last night. It was a great class; full of treasures! I wanted to hear the complete story on every snippet that you shared with us, so your “hooks“ were very effective!
I was grateful to have attended this class! 
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